Frequently Asked Questions, you fool!  These may not get asked very frequently, if I'm honest, but they are my attempt to head off anticipated questions at the pass.

Why do I have to use Disqus to comment?

Blogger has a well known problem where people on some browsing platforms (particularly iOS devices) are unable to comment with the default system. Adding Disqus makes it possible for anybody to comment. A Disqus account is free to make and use, or you can sign in with an existing Google, Twitter or FaceBook account.  Sorry for any annoyance this causes, but it's the best solution I've been able to find.

Why don't you write proper reviews?

Because I'm a terrible person who lives only to disappoint you!  But seriously, because this blog is not intended to be a source of journalistic reviews; its purpose is to add some structure to my week and give me practice in expressing myself. I try to keep posts to about 500 words so there really isn't the space to get into too much detail.

Will you link to my blog/site/channel?

Probably not, unless I know you from elsewhere or I'm already a fan of your work.  I'll try to keep my list of links up to date and it will reflect the people I'm friends with and whose work I enjoy, not a list of everyone who asked for a link exchange.

Will you add me as a friend on Steam/XBox Live/Twitter?

Again, unless I have a relationship with you already outside of this blog, probably not.  Don't take it personally, but I like my list of "friends" to reflect people I have actual friendly relationships with. If I don't know you, I'm not going to add you.

How can I support the blog?

Read carefully and make thoughtful comments! Tell your friends about the posts you enjoy!  And, if you're feeling ridiculously generous, you might want to buy me something from either my Amazon or Steam wishlists:



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