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  1. You need to be signed in to a Disqus profile to comment.  This was necessitated by people on some mobile platforms being unable to comment with Blogger's default system, sorry!  You can easily sign up to Disqus or sign in to it with an existing Google, FaceBook or Twitter account so hopefully this isn't too inconvenient.
  2. All comments are moderated and will therefore not show up immediately after you post them. If I find that spam isn't a big problem then I may change this; for now you'll have to be patient and wait for me to approve your comments before they appear.  Posting additional comments asking where the first one is will not accelerate the process, it will just annoy me.
  3. If you're a troll, a spammer or someone who consistently breaks the rules, you will simply be banned; I have no time for you.
  4. Be polite and respectful (both to me and others). If you feel the need to preface your comment with "No offence, but..." or "Not to be a jerk, but..." then you need to rethink your comment because you are, in fact, about to be a jerk and being a jerk will get you banned (see above).
  5. It's okay to have differing opinions: games are art and art is subjective, so if you disagree with me or I disagree with you, it doesn't mean either of us is necessarily "wrong" - don't take it so personally!
  6. Don't be offended if I don't reply to you. Depending on volume and content of comments I may only reply to a few though I will try to respond to all where possible.

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